Precarity Network

…this page lists and links online destinations associated with #PF Network aka @PrecariousFac and @VCVaile on Twitter, Precarious Faculty on Facebook and stable of Tumblrs.

The "about" part is on that tabThat was then: this is now and not here where I count the ways this network grows...a work in progress and always will be. Even when I took down the "work in progress" sign here, it is still a work in progress as is the PF Network ...networks are like that, always in progress...

By now, there are four parts. More may occur to me, or the taxonomy's tectonic plates could shift at any time. 

First, my own locations, e.g. pages, social media and aggregation sites created and maintained (some more than others) for this particular network, PF is not my only network either ~ education, online learning, local, poetry and literature, cities, other topics of interest, Then there are connections -- entanglements -- among them, call it overlap, Venn or rhizome.
  • an out of date, static PF Network page on my Mountainair Online domain, more inventory page than portal and long overdue for massive updating
  • multiple higher ed related blogs (this and others on Blogger, Word Press, Tumblr)
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter streams, social bookmarking platforms, feed readers, G+)
  • files in the cloud: Scribd, SlideShare, Google Drive, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo
  • more as they occur to me — this is, after all, a rough draft inventory and still a work in progress
Next, linked networks, i.e. Ana M Fores' Adjunct Justice Network (a Facebook page, two blogs and a Twitter stream) and National Mobilization for Equity (NME, blog/website, Facebook, Twitter stream). For a while that included National Adjunct Walkout Day and The Adjunked Professor ~ may yetbut both are still on French leave. Networks are fluid.

Then, collated and curated links for pages, feeds and related resources, the network's (public) PLN in a manner of speaking:
  • curated links in RSS feeds, folders in feed readers, re-blogged and saved on social bookmarking: Diigo; OneTab collections; YouTube and Vimeo playlists; Pinterest boards; Delicious 
  • modified aggregation (NetVibes,,
  • courses, groups, topics, hashtags, lists, 
  • in brief, all the pages, feeds and social media (the networked) we follow

Now, collections from the above transformed/recombined from folders and tags into feeds, html clips and bundles on InoReader. Bundles include social justice, immigration (a special project for Adjunct Justice), labor, higher education, adjunct/contingent faculty, academic/education labor, BDS/Palestine Advocacy (a special project for Sean Kennedy and my time in Egypt), Ayotzinapa Matters (a special project for Adjunct Justice). These are less networks than news/information/resource collections.

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