Thursday, January 7, 2016

#mla16 it's that time of year again

… just a short, preliminary post with suggestions for following from afar, mostly to get one out before the academic boycott sessions #s119 ("Boycotting Israeli Academic Institutions") and #s148 ("The Academic Boycott: Taking Sides") start. 

Here's an online reading list to fill in any academic boycott informarion gaps you may have. If you think academia, the MLA and professional associations should be actively support social justice and be involved in movements, then you should follow and speak up in this discussion. 

Then I'll get back to TweetDeck ~ following and sharing MLA Convention and MLA Subconference, checking in on #AHA16. As you have may have noticed, the entire precarious faculty network has taken a sharp turn beyond the Ivory Silo to a broader social justice mission ~ and with it, away from an "all adjunct all the time" editorial policy. Yes, posts on that will be forthcoming. Among other issues, I've been following #BDS and told Sean I would. That was before loosing track of schedule and then oversleeping. Oops. 

My first MLA-by-twitter was 2009. In 2011, blogged about how to follow online. It could do with updating ~ another post. Conferences have become more aware and accommodating of social media in their presence. The short version: follow the hashtag, check the programs for session tags and look for active streams/tweeps to follow. Later there may be some blog posts. Don't expect to catch everything or try too. 

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