Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 in Review: Beyond the Ivory Silo™

 in links and lists, leaning to education, social justice and technology but not exclusively so. If you have a 2015 list or year in review post to add, post your (non-spam) link plus brief description in comments.  

This post is not about adjunct issues per se. Consider it context -- and a harbinger of posts beyond the Ivory SiloMainstream media, although present, does not dominate. A 2016 trends and intentions post will follow, on this blog... or another


  1. Thanks for this year end review from a different perspective, Vanessa. We certainly need to realize we are not the center of the world!

    Happy New Year! Hopefully we will all continue expanding our horizons, as you have :)

    Besos, not borders! Ana/Adjunct Justice

    1. Thanks, Ana. That is exactly what I have in mind. I've been moving this direction. It's time ~ overdue even ~ for an explanation and clear statement of intent. Call it a 2016 intention.

  2. Can you add Sarah Kendzior's 2015 top 10 list">

    Now, what about 2016?

    1. You just did when added the link yourself by commenting. Thank you for the idea. Now I'll add a note inviting readers to add their own in comments.


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