Sunday, October 11, 2015

checking in/catching up

but not a return of that the prodigal blogger redux post. Still, this is the longest MIA stretch yet -- from just past mid July to almost mid October -- and 2015 likely to be its thinnest blogging year. Reports, however, of its death have been grossly exaggerated. A modicum of explanatory catching up is in order. Short version: the ripple effect of major life changes.

Mid June I moved from Mountainair, New Mexico, to Yuma, Colorado -- sight unseen. Both are small, rural communities, very different despite commonalities. Just like a comparison / contrast essay prompt: that's another post for another time, another blog. I posted about moving on Work and Life (another blog) and G+ (#clmooc Community)

Here as elsewhere, that ripple effect pushed changes, changed intentions and shifted focus. I'm also looking for more intersections with the rest of my life and other interests. 

Going informationist, I've been concentrating on ReadingRoom content and information management. I've been using OneTab with Diigo and InoReader to aggregate, organize and syndicate. Except for feed gadgets and Reading Room, curation is off site on Tumblr, WordPress and others. The configuration is like a Rube Goldberg contraption. Aggregation is not the same as curation. Explaining that is another post. '

So if I aggregate and curate off-site and by widget and, as an unaffiliated independent, am not PR hustling for any adjunct faction, what do I do here? Been there, done that and don't even have a t-shirt to show for it. I can write about what's going on (or not) with the adjunct movement, in education and precarity. I can write about books, poetry, art, education, economics, labor, sustainability, growing old, surviving on a minimal fixed income, etc. 

Precarity is not exclusively adjunct. Nor should adjuncts and adjunct issues co-opt other precarities. It's not just about us. That's the other direction. I've been headed that way for a while. OneTab bundles saved as web pages show that. For example, take colonialism redux

Today I set up a self maintaining contraption for Campus Equity Week

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