Friday, July 3, 2015

the #adjunct blogging #happydance gif post

…animated no less: +Laura Gibbs, you've been warned…

Dancing Laurel & Hardy
I've been looking for just the right "happy dance" animated gif to celebrate COCAL Updates moving from Precarity Dispatches to a new home online at Majority Rules, NFM's long overdue but finally launched blog. Two Updates, here and here,  have already been posted. That's another happy dance occasion. Another gif?

These express both the gravitas of the occasion and my own jubilant relief.

Image source: Eat24 blog
Archiving Updates online is a important project: I'll still share Update with my network as NFM posts them. Putting them online (2012-2015) to have an open public archive took time away from other projects. Plus, Joe Berry and Updates are closely associated and identified with other networks I am no longer part of. Awkward.

Finally, this one's for Ana M Fores: "it's about time" was the part of her reaction.

Every time I post an Updates, she reminds of the above -- and more, tells me I should stop. Now we're both happy. More gifs! The skeleton may keep this from being a 100% happy dance gif post ~ but only because it's not dancing. I did find some of those...another time...

I was going to write more about ongoing projects, changes and more. I don't have a gif for that, but one of the projects is putting feeds for all the Adjunct FB pages and open groups on my reader on a single html clip. Elsewhere another blog post addresses a major change barreling down at me.


  1. Great post!

    I just finished writing you a long reply, but because I have been fooling around with my settings for google -- as you know -- it deleted the reply I sent.

    In any case, this is a great relief for you, so now you can concentrate on things that you see more in keeping with your collectivist vision -- and mine -- so we can continue getting the word out.

    In the meantime, I would like to share with others the pearl you shared with me, not of a sitting skeleton, but all the beautiful skeletons, that do not mean death whatsoever, but mean new life, recovered and ever new, changing, jubilant!

    Thank-you, and to new life ahead!

    1. Sharing always goes better with an active link. Alas, on Blogger -- unlike WP -- that means coding or waiting for this platform to get around to adding. My experience is that they probably will -- but not today.

      However your comment made me think about using it create an Ana meme. I suppose not enough people would get "ya era la hora." Start with just the meme -- or even a series. Animating the gif is possible but beyond me at this time.

      I'll let reader work on the admittedly ambiguous reference for "That's another happy dance occasion"


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