Sunday, July 5, 2015

A call for public #adjunct discussion of #COCAL_Updates + Sunday Matinee

…because reactions to "adios Updates" post are not landing in comments on blog post or social media. Although about making resources public and open, comments and discussion have not been. Likewise, the original notice (" addition to Joe Berry’s regular COCAL updates"), posted publicly went without comment.

On Facebook, discussion appears to be 100% backchannel via pm and closed group -- or groups. Elsewhere, I have no idea, but transparency and open discussion would be more productive. So I'm working on an "Updates Update" Precarity Dispatches post to clarify and (I hope) encourage open discussion, even volunteers for a collaborative Updates Archive Project

-- there not here because PD is the news branch of the PF Network (independent, unaffiliated and not an organization). This is the reflection, topic development (as opposed to curation), movies, and sometimes even occasional whimsy branch. More fun and exploration, less duty/obligation. For my personal precarious faculty blogging, Majority Rising = liberation

Now, what sounds good for a movie...or two? Free of course. How ur-adjunct does Depression Era comedy My Man Godfrey (1936)  from the Internet Archives sound? Roger Ebert reviews My Man Godfrey

Left Forum 2015: Political Satire's Power


Progressive Satirical Activism: Comedians discuss the application of humor and satire to leftist politics and activism. Randy Credico, chair, with Paul Krassner via Skype, Lionel Michael, John McDonagh, Julianna Forlano of WBAI, and others, video by Joe Friendly


  1. I am not sure why people are loathe to comment on blogs; most never do, though they seem to have lots to say about them. I think this particular post is great, that you are calling folks out, and hopefully, they will begin to be more open and transparent.

    Here's hoping!

    1. Part is habit -- or not having the habit. Certain bloggers and categories of blogs get a lot comments. Twitter and social media are easier too, although neither have "killed blogging" as used to be bruited about.

      The conversations are different, more leisurely, less fly by. The egos don't think there's enough audience.

      I'll keep after it though,


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