Thursday, January 8, 2015

#MLA4Adjuncts—searching #MLA15 program for #adjunct relevance

…tag sounds like a candidate for extreme oxymoron. This won't be as elaborate as the #MLA14 post ~ just the naked program search results. There's more on #MLA15's  MLA Convention and MLA Commons pages.

Elsewhere: #subcon2015 is on, with its strongest (imo) offerings today (program); #Ferguson2MLA protest is Friday; and Marc Bousquet dba #mlademocracy started an MLA $23.01 Campaign protesting. I'm especially looking forward to watching Keith Hoeller's MLA Subconference presentation with Jack Longmate and Frank Cosco on contingent faculty organizing ~ hope MLA Subcon livestream sound is better today. Just remember though, it's the free one that feeds you too (if you can afford to get to Vancouver). The MLA, which could afford high quality livestreaming for sessions, does not. Ever wonder why?

Anyway, back to the #MLA4Adjuncts version of the MLA 2015 Program:
First I searched the program for "contingent labor," and then "adjunct," "part-time faculty" etc. Past gestures to the contrary, #adjunct is still a non-U term in this milieu. Follow the session link for more information., links, familiar adjunct "faces." Twitter is still the best way to follow ~ see Guide to Live Tweeting on MLA Commons. Each session adds its own session number based hashtag to #mla15.  Another online advantage: only a few sessions are free ~ open to the public IRL ~ without registration.

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