Friday, December 5, 2014

@NatM4Equity endorses #NAWD…gets FB page—@MMStrikesback writes @NEIU BoT—#WeAreNNMC petitions

…"again" on letter writing (here) and petitioning about NNMC (here and here). National Mobilization for Equity (NME) already has a page plus blog, recently added Twitter, even more recently endorsed National Adjunct Walkout Day and is now on Facebook. Still, a whole post in a title that will still fit in a tweet with characters left over for a link should qualify as a social media sub-genre or at least a hat trick So what do I do for the rest of the post?...besides make it a short one. With pictures. PS be sure to catch and sign the petitions as you scroll down...all the way down

Cover and profile photos for National Mobilization for Equity on Facebook

Here's the endorsement from the NME Action page:
The National Mobilization for Equity (NME) endorses the National Adjunct Walkout Day scheduled for February 25, 2015, with the proviso that NME does not does not support, encourage or condone anyone violating state lawsanyone violating state laws, e.g., the so-called Taylor Law in New York State. Check state labor codes, which are public information and online. 
NME strongly supports collective action, which may take many forms. Adjuncts and their allies will develop varied strategies to end the abuse and exploitation of contingent academic labor throughout higher education.
Tomorrow I blog more about NME's endorsement, social media there (more conventionally and I sincerely hope, not as late into the night). Now for the letter writing:
Name them. Blame them. Shame them! Set political prisoners free! Stop human rights violations around the world! 
With the help of students and colleagues, @MMStrikeBack and @TakeBackNEIU expanded their petition with an Amnesty International "Write for Rights" two day letter writing campaign on the NEIU campus. What a great project it is to combine campus and global issues ~ think and act both local and global at the same time.  The campaign runs December 1-17, centered around Human Rights Day on December 10.
Wouldn't this make a great National Adjunct Walkout Day project too? Call it a "Write Out (or in) Day."  Now to the end and #WeAreNNMC's latest petition. Today Annette Rodriguez sent an update on her original petition and wrote:
Dec 5, 2014 — Friends and supporters of Northern New Mexico College,
Thank you again for signing the petition to the NM Higher Ed Department regarding the conditions at NNMC.  
The following petition to Governor Martinez has just been posted by students and community and we hope you'll consider signing. NNMC Regent Branch championed many of the damaging policies that have helped to diminish Northern New Mexico College. His term expires at the end of 2014, but students and community fear that he or other NNMC Administrators and/or Regents may attempt to stall his long-awaited farewell.  
During the November election, NM Constitutional Amendment 2 passed by a large majority. This amendment, sponsored in the NM Legislature by Sen. Richard C Martinez and Rep. Debbie Rodella, declares that beginning in 2015, a Student Regent will be appointed to NNMC's Board of Regents. We urge you to sign the petition to Governor Martinez asking that she insures Regent Branch will be removed at the end of his term Dec. 31, 2015 and that she insures the appointment of a Student Regent.  
Susana Martinez: Remove Michael Branch from NNMC Board of Regents and replace him with a Student RegentThe petition is at:  
Susana Martinez: Remove Michael Branch from NNMC Board of Regents and replace him with a Student Regent 
End note: alas, not so short after all and could have been three posts...but still all about actions and so all related


  1. Here is a better link to the BoT at Northeastern Illinois University. The next chopping day is December 15th and we will be delivering the letters next week. Please sign because we will also bring printed copy of online petition to BoT as well! Thank you for your support for adjuncts from Chicago! We are under attack here in every way possible. They have slashed our access to healthcare which also affects our income as well. Also if you want to see the text of the letter send to Ombudsman as well as BoT you can access it here if you would like to start a similar campaign on your campus.

    1. Thanks, Lydia, they are the same links as in the article (which I like to think has a good link....hahahaha). I think you mean a direct link, more convenient for user and better for getting signers to the petition if the link is "hot" or active.

      Word Press automatically makes links active when they are written in code (with the http:// prefix) but Blogger requires the extra step of embedding the code manually, which I'll do now.

      or you can embed the link in text, like this: letter text

      Here's a how-to for you:

      PS the story of your letter project would make a great separate post and would probably encourage more people to give it a try than just sending them to the Amnesty link

    2. and by the way, you and your campaign got another mention in the human rights day post (yesterday)


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