Monday, November 10, 2014

Back online & connected again…blogging, courses, sundry WriMo's, etc

It wasn't easy resisting the Arne/Terminator and Jack/TheShining memes.

I've been off-line (no internet, no telephone, no radio or TV) from mid-morning Thursday until 7 am this morning. Not the usual procrastination or blogging block. Today has been mostly e-mail triage and quick social media check ins with more ahead.

Even so, I expect to resume regular blogging tomorrow. There is no shortage of topics. Posts in progress and on the spike include:

  • follow up on the DoE Call for Comments on PAYE Rulemaking Committee, 
  • Next steps for PSLF Farness project, including Consumer Finance Protection Bureau pledge
  • Network for Public Education, ed blogging and Public School Shakedown
  • NAWD-y thoughts and reflections
  • color coordinating Walkout online and IRL tees, hats, badges, avatars, twibbons
  • emerging regional news ~ Union County NJ, Texas, Nassau County NY, Colorado
  • not to mention whatever turns up on the feeds

I haven't had time to read let alone reply to everything but will get to what I can as best I can. In the meantime, there's new content here on the feeds, the news ticker and in the Reading Room

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