Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2 #precarity videos gleaned from #securework stream

…while waiting for quick (dare I hope?) re-cap post to make it out of drafts ~ and this afternoon's resumption of the NTEU Insecure Work Conference Livestream from Tasmania, I offer two videos from the #securework Twitter stream, one on insecure or precarious work and Verbatim Drama (Scene 3), a short dramatic performance ~ casual women academics talking about their retirement prospects.

In my opinion, the first, from the Australian Workers Union (AUW), has lessons for the often troubled relationship between contingent and tenured faculty ~ and for the unions organizing them.

Jobs you can count on, May 6, 2012: 

❝It used to be that when you got a job, it was a job you could count on. Over the last 30 years, that's been changing. More and more workers feel insecure in their job. The NUW's campaign aims to reverse this trend.

Verbatim Drama: Scene 3: 

The lived experience of women casual academics. This is the third scene of six. It continues the verbatim drama based on an arts-informed narrative inquiry into the lived experience of six women casual academics. In this one the casuals talk about retirement. View all six scenes produced by Gail Crimmins.

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