Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Matinee: #Walkout…w/an #adjunct nod to #NAWD

OK so this late makes it more like Sunday Night at the Movies (which is classically "Saturday Night at the Movies" anyway).

An #AdjunctWalkout is in the air (not for the first time since I've been covering this beat), hence the film and links (below). The last walkout we blogged was Wisconsin, February 17, 2011.  For the one coming, there is a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a few other links (nearly naked blog and equally sparse Facebook event page) that may or may not be related…more when someone sends it to us; if not, then not. According to Wikipedia:
In labor disputes, a walkout is a labor strike, the act of employees collectively leaving the workplace as an act of protest. A walkout can also mean the act of leaving a place of work, school, a meeting, a company, or an organization, especially if meant as an expression of protest or disapproval. 
A walkout can be seen as different from a strike in that a walkout can occur spontaneously, and need not necessarily involve all the workers present, whereas a strike is often voted on beforehand by the workers, giving notification both to all of the workers and to the company affected.  

And now for Walkout the 2006 HBO movie based on the 1968 East Los Angeles Walkouts or Chicano BlowoutsThe student actions of 1968 inspired later protests that used similar tactics.

Walkout Links 

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