Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct16 #BAD2014 Reminder + #PublicEdNation followup…all connected…even to #ccourses

Blog Action Day…less unrelated than might appear at first glances: both are fighting #inequality. Also Blog Action Day shares a blogging connection with the National Public Education Network via the associated Education Bloggers Network. So of course I connect these networks to Connected Courses…both by blogging and as a "daily connect." There's more but isn't this already tangled enough? If you have a blog, register it with Blog Action Day and blog about adjunct inequality. No blog? Then check out blogs on the livestream (it's already October 16 somewhere), comment and share on social media. We're all connected. PS the ed bloggers want to add higher ed to their mix.

…and now more about Blog Action Day before moving onto Public Education Nation follow-up and the video of Diane Ravitch and Jitu Brown's closing conversation about building a movement.

The first session video is now on Vimeo and up at Schoolhouse Live too. When all sessions are up, I'll run a special recap post...

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