Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday #Adjunct Notes…Happy Birthday #AdjunctJustice

The Daily Notes idea I proposed last Friday, got lost over the weekend. I'm not ready to say that it's not working out and will try again. Maybe it's just not for weekends. There's not really a plan but if there were, "post more often" would be the short version. More content (posts) leads to more visits, develops the blog as a network hub and (hopefully) encourages checking out features (blogrolls, pages, news feed ticker, archives, video bar, widgets for Twitter, Facebook and blog feeds ~ and morw). We really do have a lot of comment even without posts.

Like frosting like on a birthday cupcake, bringing us to ~

...a happy announcement and call for a digital party. Yesterday +Ana Maria Fores Tamayo's Adjunct Justice (on Tumblr) turned one year old (you might not have noticed from just the post title) Celebrate by visiting the blog and following. PS plans are afoot to add a comment feature too because we all know how much Ana enjoys conversations with visitors to the Adjunct Justice Facebook page.

On a more somber Monday note, we have a moving notice from Uncle Noodle and, reading it, cast a pox on trolls. He moved his blog Adjunctular Noodling from Blogger to WordPress, possibly minus some posts, to have a troll free zone.
❝This blogspot will be aged off not later than Thanksgiving. A 301 redirect will not be offered to deliver current users to the new URL. This being done to leave trolls and robo-users behind.❞
It's time for connected adjuncts ~ a "troll busters" unit ~ to make a stand against against trolling and digital mobbing on blogs, social media, listservs and groups to discourage what these thugs judge as contrary to what they have determined as the adjunct agenda. I don't personally agree with all of Noodle's positions but disagree even more with mobbing and attempts to stifle conflicting opinion. It's no #Gamergate, but (paraphrasing GBS) the difference is more one of degree not kind.

From the precarious faculty network (including social media and the three blogrolls: precarity or adjuncts and teachers (101); orgs/unions/pubs/biz (48); neither fish nor fowl aka other (27).

Of note from elsewhere on the never ending information flow
  • GMTA: David Ruccio (on our blogroll), the New York Times also picked up on vampires and zombies, Sunday's featured flics. John Powers wrote about the political economy of zombies on Airship. Do I know how to pic Sunday flics or what? Now it's time to for platform crossing to double up on connecting the
Coming soon: Facebookery (leading links/most popular FB posts) and From the precarious faculty blogrolls


  1. Thanks so much, Vanessa, for wishing a happy birthday to my tumblr page: I cannot believe it's been a year, but maybe that's because I did not use it effectively for so long, hahaha!

    In any case, I do want to add a comments feature, and once I do, I would love everyone to come have dialogues with me, as I do so enjoy that, as you well know, and Vanessa can verify ;-)

    Lastly, I so agree with you about the trolls. To that effect, we should begin to persecute all such trolls: #TrollBustersTerminateTyrants!

    Besos, not borders, Ana/Adjunct Justice

    1. I have to confess that it felt like more than a year to me.... because of all the tech problems, getting the theme and display right, etc.

      One year is an important benchmark for a blog ~ a sign that it is on its way.

      Another long tag! I was thinking more along the line of "Who you gonna call? #TrollBusters" ~ bet I can find a clip of the Ghost Busters theme music too.

  2. I knew the tag was too long, and I was just being silly. BUT I love your line, "Who you gonna call? #TrollBusters"... That's the best!

  3. Thank you: this was my nephew's favorite, and now it is his niece's favorite ;-) Thanks for the memories, but now let's make some new ones of our own, busting trolls!


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