Thursday, September 18, 2014

shout out to #adjunct #trailblazers: @AndrewR_Physics #EMUFT @3rdLWW

…there are more "adjunct trail blazers" to shout out...and we will try to do just that. To mention just a few, both Annette M. Rodriguez#WeAreNNMC (also dba @Alacranita) and the UA Convergence campaigns are models for aspiring adjunct activist groups Covered extensively, they deserve separate overview posts…time/energy permitting, they will get them.

In the meantime, the precarious faculty network would like The three in the title recently hit my digital field of vision windshield recently: here's a quick shout out plus links for you to follow and support them. PS there's a video at the end...for dessert.

  • Andrew Robinson faces obstacles and a long fight as the first Carleton University contract instructor to try to convert to a FT position per Clause 27.3 of the Collective Agreement. Since applying, administration has isolated him from the department by threatening a TT line. Andrew writes, If I can establish a precedent, then others will be able to follow at our university, but I expect max resistance.He will persevere. We can support him by following and commenting on his blog (also on our blogroll) and @AndrewR_Physics on Twitter
  • Go global with Third Level Workplace Watch (Facebook), an international collective of precarious workers in higher ed fighting for fair pay & working conditions: Neoliberalisation of third level [post secondary] institutions has casualised labour within this sector and these workplaces are now a site of struggle in ways not previously known. TLWW shares information on workplace struggles in universities, colleges and ITs❞ and also at  on Twitter. More here at Precarious Faculty on Facebook. Subscribe to the TLWW newsletter by emailing
About the video: no it's not Sunday yet but the rousing music suits the shout out theme. I rediscovered this 2007 video (already on the on the movietime for @precariousfac playlist) on Raye Robertson's Adjunct Voice blog while searching #EMUFT history. fyi this is not their first tussle with admin and probably won't be their last either. They've been at it for a while since fighting for and winning the right to represent part-time faculty. ICYMI historically stron education unions in the Upper Midwest have been under siege.


  1. Thanks for this! Is this my imagination, however, or had I seen another version of this little film, which is truly wonderful? I seem to remember it, but not with the music...

    Besos, not borders,

    Ana M. Fores Tamayo, Adjunct Justice

    1. That was my reaction too. When I tried to add it to the playlist, it was already on it, but I don't remember the music. Maybe the music was added later -- or changed.

      By now there are number of adjunct videos on the playlist. I should make a count and put them together ~ blog a concert post!


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