Friday, September 12, 2014

Keeping calm, regrouping

A good chunk of today went to making the best of an inadvertent ending, but the effort also folded into shaping/ reorganization for Connected Courses  (more here). Instead of "developing networked, open courses that embody the principles of connected learning and the values of the open web," I want to develop my motley collection of blogs, social media, curation/aggregation pages, whatever, into an open information network that incorporates the principles of connected learning and the values of the open web ~ not a course but still for learning.

Intending to delete a duplicated back-up blog on Tumblr, I instead deleted my main account along with associated blogs ~ adjunct, local, personal, special interest~ some more active than others. From the now extinct dashboard, I managed Precarity Dispatches, Adjunct Stories, COCAL Updates and recently re-purposed Equity in Diversity (still finding its way). The last two are gone for good, as explained elsewhere.

Panic beckoned until I remembered that 1-2 (not sure which) had originated on and still be on another account (tl;dr) ... if I could remember the account name, which email address created under and find the password, all of  which I eventually managed. Since this was more like an emergency restart to keep on going than a "new beginning," could I call it an "old beginning"?

The inventory is uneven, incomplete ~ in progress. Nor are all either exclusively "precarity centric" or with an advocacy focus but all are interest related. 
precarious faculty (this  blog, primary blog and hub for connected network)

Designated twitter streams

Tumblr blogs

WordPress blogs curation pages digital newspapers, published daily on Twitter

Miscellaneous: static webpage (in dire need of updating); Pinterest; Storify


  1. Yikes, Vanessa, what a Tumblr nightmare... I've had some disasters that turned out for the good (well, with lots of work to make it so)... I hope you get that sorted out to YOUR satisfaction, and I love what you want to do with the impetus of ConnectedCourses. I have a lot of faith in the "small pieces, loosely joined" ... but my own stuff online has drifted off into a lot of disconnectedness, without even the loosely joining. I look forward to learning from what you do with your motley collection!!!

    1. Laura, thanks ~ wishful thinking or not, this one looks like it will too. I needed to clean out a jumble of blogs I started to go with courses and used Tumblr to learn the platform

      It sure cleaned those out ~ sheer chance that the two saved were the ones I would have picked, given the choice. As a bonus, this may get me out from under a time consuming "duty" blog web archiving an email newsletter.

      What I learned is that the platform is useful and has its place but is limited (especially compared to Blogger) and has certain area of quicksand.

      I'm not sure where this will end up but may finally be getting closer to making sense of what has been in the back of my mind trying to get out since the first connected course (a far better term than mooc) or maybe even since I met the internet in the 90s

  2. Well, it seems you lost the not so important, the repeats elsewhere, and/or the blasé, so now you can concentrate on making what you have even better than before: there is a silver lining to all this?

    I know that panic, though. I can just imagine it! As for me, I was going to delete some old accounts, but from your lesson, I decided against it, just in case ;-)

    Good luck with restructuring & old beginnings: I like the sound of it!

    Besos, not borders,

    Ana M. Fores Tamayo, Adjunct Justice

    1. Thanks, Ana

      Maybe I didn't restructure enough -- or (more likely) it is an ongoing process. YIKES (to quote you) now I really will have to update that static page, links, annotations and all.

      Just remember and be careful about the difference between deleting accounts and pages/blogs. By now, we sure could write a caustic caution about using Tumblr.

      You are probably ready to move up to one with more features too. Don't toss yours though ~ keep using it for the kind of posts it does best


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