Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Matinee: Horse Feathers

the pre-COCAL XI video series opened with a double feature: the powerful introduction to BarbaraWolf's video-book, A Simple Matter of Justice, and Bonzo Goes to College. How else to end the series with than the Marx Brothers' college movie, Horse Feathers?

I could, maybe should, begin or end with some appropriately serious about both COCAL, the conference and #altCOCAL. They can wait. Just posting Sean's #altCOCAL/#altPSC update and a COCAL Updates double header should more than suffice.

After the movie you can check out the COCAL links or not ~ if you are still in a college movie mood, there's's 50 Best College Movies for ideas (if nothing else you might get some insights on where the public gets its ideas about what college, students and profs are like. A definite let down after Horse Feathers. BC's Top 20 - Readers Picks is better but still wanting. If you can stand it, there's even a list of "all college movies". Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts) is the only adjunct movie I know of.

Now let the horse feathers fly...

In closing, yet another  COCAL reminder to hold you until the next one, probably Monday or Tuesday and include a Twitter list of sorts.

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