Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Matinee: #Bullying & Mobbing

stop bullying: stand up. speak out (+hand print image)

Opening with Developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld discussing the bully syndrome in order to understand how bullies are made and unmade

Next" Bullying On The Job, workplace bullying video, embedding disabled, posted by Labor Video, May 3, 2011:
Bullying On The Job, What It Is, Who Is Doing It and How To Stop It with Dr. Gary Namie & Dr. Ruth Namie, directors of the Workplace Bullying Institute. The discussion group includes Carrie Clark, a former teacher, physically disabled by a bully's psychological assaults; Rhea Settles, a public school educator, K-12 and college level, working to abolish the hate-ism (bullying, mobbing, rankism, etc.) culture innate in schools, school districts, and college campuses; Bill Lepowsky, an award-winning mathematics instructor at Laney College and AFT member who fought back when targeted with false accusations and defamation by management, and whose initiative in advocating for change in the Peralta Community District led to the creation of a new Board Policy on Civility and Mutual Respect that is part of the District's New Manager's Orientation Program. 
The problem of bullying in the workplace is a dangerous and unhealthy condition in the workplace. This show will look at the history of bullying in the workplace and the international movement to educate about its dangers and the campaign to create state and national legislation that limits this workplace environmental condition.
And closing with collective bullying, called mobbing (term originated in Europe, gaining usage in North America) or sometimes swarming (Canada). Hagge Bänkepublished on Oct 23, 2013: 
"I am an union representative and have seen this at the workplace and at other places. It spreads as a disease and people need to recognize it for what it is. Abuse. More people need to be aware of how harmful this is and not take part in it. Also management need to be better and actively work against it."

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  1. Thank you for the video. I hope there will be more posts on this topic. It matters. Please write about adjuncts being bullied. A lot is deliberate to control us ~ as a way to silence us


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