Friday, August 1, 2014

Petitions, Legislation, @NatGat2014, all the COCALs & Mike Rose's blog

Just a reminder about the petition page on Uniting in Diversity for Equity. There is also a resources page for helping child refugees. It's time to add a Projects page to the pages menu update list. 

Legislation: (woot woot) ICYMI Sen Durbin (IL) introduces S.2712 to amend section 455(m) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 in order to allow adjunct faculty members to qualify for public service loan forgiveness

In the Sacto area? It's National Gathering 2014 time. Contact: Info at NATGAT2014 Hub. Follow @NATGAT2014 #Natgat2014. See ONG Rebelmouse and the Occupy National Gathering Facebook Page

Bonus: looking for a natgat image, I found Wave of Action: "Be the Change! Join the #WaveOfAction organizing network to collaborate & co-create with change-makers worldwide.

the COCALs are coming…the COCALs are comingCOCAL XI (August 4-6, John Jay College/CUNY) and #altCOCAL (Wednesday August 6, Graduate Center/CUNY) that is…both in NYC

Mike Rose's Blog is our latest blogroll addition so you can follow right here on this blog. Here's more about Mike Rose and his blog ICYMI or never taught basic writing:

Mike Rose
 I will post a new entry every few weeks. Some will be new writing and some will be past work that has relevance today. The writing will deal in some way with the themes that have been part of my teaching and writing life for decades:

  • teaching and learning; 
  • educational opportunity; 
  • the importance of public education in a democracy; 
  • definitions of intelligence and the many manifestations of intelligence in school, work, and everyday life; and 
  • the creation of a robust and humane philosophy of education.
If I had to sum up the philosophical thread that runs through my work, it would be this: A deep belief in the ability of the common person, a commitment to educational, occupational, and cultural opportunity to develop that ability, and an affirmation of public institutions and the public sphere as vehicles for nurturing and expressing that ability.
and from his most recent post:  

The Mind at Work Ten Years After 
 This is a reflection on the 10th Anniversary of The Mind at Work. It first appeared in The Hedgehog Review, Summer, 2014... 
I grew up around physical work,...I do a very different kind of work today: I study teaching and learning and the many manifestations of intelligence in the schoolhouse and the workplace. In The Mind at Work, I tried to bring these two worlds of mine together, examining the sometimes hidden intelligence of the kind of work my forebears did with the analytic tools of social science—but also using my forebears’ work to test these analytic tools and revise some of our commonplace ideas about skill and intelligence. I wanted to change the way we see the everyday work that surrounds and sustains us.
...Collectively, these men and women form a massive web of skill that makes our country function, that maintains and comforts and, at times, rescues us. They are so present, their mental and manual abilities so woven into our daily lives that their skills are taken for granted, at times slip out of sight. I wrote The Mind at Work to document their ability and pay homage to it.
Mike Rose's Blog: The Mind at Work Ten Years After

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