Monday, August 4, 2014

links & tweeps for #COCALXI opening sessions

I'm still working on the Twitter list for following online…in the meantime check out the few I have below and on Facebook. Following #COCALXI on twitter is still the best way to keep up. 

Plenary panelists like +Sylvain Marois may be too busy to tweet. So far, the most active tweeps are +Krista Eliot+Lee Kottner, @AFTHigherEd and @SylviaJMarques. @AAUP and Margot Young for @cupepse have joined the conversation. Chronicle Vitae columnist +Sydni Dunn is less active but will no doubt be posting articles. Either tweets from Interest Group sessions are thinner or missing identifying tags.

Back channel tweets and email are harder to track, but we welcome those too ~ anon if preferred. DM @VCVaile or @precariousfac or email A few disconcerting accounts of rumor mongering are emerging too but on hold awaiting confirmation.
Presumably facilitator teams will accept questions by twitter. As many of those as I can find will will be on the twitter list. The same goes for those listed in the COCAL XI program for plenaries and interest group sessions. Here are bios of session moderators. 

The following Facebook pages represent participants and, in many cases, COCAL International Steering Committee members. They should have/be posting information and updates. 

If not, try asking them. Incidentally non-member and tenured faculty ally Seth Kahn is posting updates on his Facebook page. OPTFA is also posting. COCAL and AAUP would do well look to them as models

  • Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor
  • OPTFA (Ohio PT Faculty Association)
  • Adjunct Action
  • AFT Higher Education
  • American Association of University Professors
  • Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
  • California Faculty Association
  • CPFA (California Part-time Faculty Association)
  • Campaign for the Future of Higher Education
  • NEA Today
  • New Faculty Majority

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