Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Matinee: A Simple Matter of Justice, Afterword at COCAL IV

San Jose City College, founded in 1921, is a community college located in the city of San Jose, Santa Clara County, California. San Jose City College was originally called San Jose Junior College and operated in downtown San Jose, California. San Jose Unified School District took over the College’s operation in 1953, moving it to its present 2100 Moorpark Avenue location, overlooking Interstate 280. The name changed to San Jose City College in 1958..
January 12-14, 2001, CPFA and San Jose City College hosted COCAL IV

Each Chapter of A Simple Matter of Justice focused on the barriers, opportunities and organizing approaches being undertaken in a different situation. The video-book’s Afterword, taped at COCAL IV in San Jose, CA, demonstrates the value of an international-scale coalition/organization to increase the effectiveness, reach and resolve of contingent faculty. 

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