Thursday, July 24, 2014

❝@DomesticWorkers: #takeaction to protect kids & families at the #border

Many petitions, especially for the #childrefugees at the border, land in my mailboxes. Lately, I'm making an effort to sign more of them than usual. And the ones for the children? I sign all of them. 

Plus I've been following, supporting and sharing +Ana Maria Fores Tamayo's unrelenting efforts on their behalf. This morning I broached the idea of collecting these petitions on a single to facilitate signing to the adj-l list. Cooperation does make a difference. 

If no one steps up, then I'll do it on my own. Here's a start with today's petition from the National Domestic Workers Alliance:
What would you do to protect your children? From walking them to school to making sure they have healthy food on their plates, we all do our best to ensure that our kids are safe.

For some domestic workers, it means leaving your children behind to seek work in the United States.  For others, it means escaping terror and extreme violence and braving the dangerous journey across the border to safety with young children in tow.

National Domestic Workers AllianceRight now, thousands of children and families fleeing life-threatening violence in Central America are being held along the US border in inhumane and crowded detention facilities. Refugee children and families don't belong in detention.

When children are in danger, we must take action to protect them

By now, you've probably seen the photographs of children detained in detention facilities sleeping on concrete floors or benches. The children and families fleeing extreme violence in Central America need protection and safe housing, not concrete floors and locked doors. Unfortunately, the President plans to build more family detention centers on the border.1

At the National Domestic Workers Alliance, we know that when we come together to stand up for what's right -- like protections for domestic workers on the job -- we can win real changes.

Now, by coming together to for humane treatment at the border, we can push our elected officials to protect families and children. We know that all parents want their children to be safe from harm. For mothers, keeping children safe can take extraordinary acts of courage.

Together, we can support the courage of the thousands of women and children at the border. Thank you for taking action with us today.

1.  We Belong Together, President Obama: Put Safety of Women and Children First, President Obama: put safety of women and children first!
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Sent by the National Domestic Workers Alliance. If you would like to contact the NDWA, click here

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  1. Fr. Jasso, who was with us on Saturday, July 19th, saying prayers for the children, is over 80 years old. He stood right alongside of us, holding the signs welcoming the children, and praying to protect them against harm.

    I include here a part of his prayer, which he said in both languages, Spanish and English; I think he speaks for all of us!


    Grant them and their families' peace of mind
    and a renewed faith in your protection and care.

    Protect them, and all children, from the violence of others,
    keep them safe from the weapons of hate,
    and restore tranquility and peace in the Americas and throughout the world.

    We ask this through Christ our Lord.
    Te lo pedimos por Cristo, nuestro Señor. Amen.


    In sol(idarity),

    Ana M. Fores Tamayo
    Adjunct Justice
    Facebook Page:


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