Sunday, July 6, 2014

catching up w/#adjunct corner of the #HigherEd galaxy

news sources and conferences division.

News, there's a lot of it. Even filtered by topic ~ higher education, academic freedom, adjuncts, contingent faculty, academic labor, faculty unions, organizing, there is still a lot. Sources include higher ed media, mainstream medias, news feeds, blogs, social media and aggregators. If you are social media averse or just "Facebook suspicious" and follow by email notice or rss feed, then you may miss the posts from the precarious faculty network's news blogs syndicated to Facebook and Twitter.

An occasional post here about recent posts on those should take care of that. Precarity Dispatches and COCAL Updates are usually the most active, Both feature news link collections, but not exclusively. PD's are themed (academic freedom, adjunct organizing, higher ed, etc) and more curated. CU is a somewhat tidied up web version of Joe's email Updates ~ primarily contingent academic labor and regular updates on the City College of San Francisco v. accreditors. Lately, re-purposed and renamed, (Uniting for) Equity in Diversity has been more active, thanks to Sean Kennedy's series of posts recounting ongoing conflict between CUNY adjuncts and PSC-CUNY, spilling over into COCAL XI. Adjunct stories abound, with no shortage of narratives or websites/blogs publishing them. With no need to add yet another, Precarity Tales appears intermittently, usually when a story doesn't fit anywhere else, and is still finding itself.

About covering conferences

Conferences are announced, posted about and, time/schedule permitting, covered live to make as much information available as possible for those can't attend. Isn't sharing ideas the whole point of conferences? Then don't limit sharing to those physically present. With the resources now available ~ many free, there is no excuse not to. Some conferences have better digital coverage than other. All are much better than 5-7 years back. The admittedly late "couch conferencing" resource list below is also an outline for how to design your own follow the conference. Another plus to "couch conferencing" is that you are never late and can follow now (in progress) or later.

Best sources for couch conferencing NEA RA

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