Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a list of #adjunct bloggers on the #precariousfaculty blogroll

…precarity bloggers on the left sidebar consists of 65 blogs linked and listed below by name (followed by title of most recent post) in order of posting, with the most recent less than an hours ago and the oldest 6 months back. Inactive blogs, no matter how excellent get cut: if you blog, do try to post more often than once a year. Although only the 10 most recent posts display automatically, there is a "display all" link at the end of the blogroll. Many adjunct blogs are about adjunct issues -- but not all. Explore the collection ~ visit and comment. PS: These do not include the PFR blogs with viewer gadgets on this page: Precarity Dispatches, Equity in Diversity, Ana M Fores' Adjunct JusticeAdjunct Stories; Joe Berry's COCAL Updates.

Recent additions: Charles Bivona (@njpoet); Adjunct Sounding Board; Mark Carrigan; The Consulting Editor (@ProfessorF74); Gordon Haber; adjunct world comics; adjunct purgatory; Contingent Representation (CUNY); The Northern Issue.

Blog populations fluctuate. The average life span of a blog is three years, and most last less than a year. Listing earliest blogs would take some remembering and checking. The Adjunct Project (CUNY) is one: how fitting then for Sean Kennedy's Contingent Representation to be among the most recent...bookends.

precarity bloggers

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  1. The list is up to 71 now. It might be time for triage: prune inactive and less interesting blogs and/or split the blogroll into categories (if I can find room on the page). Do blogs and feeds for adjunct organizations belong with adjunct blogs? Should I check creds for the authentically 'junct? What about graduate students? Education bloggers who are primarily K12 but teach an occasional education course as NTT faculty?

    Personally, I think over sorting is counter-productive -- there are already too many silos on the education landscape. We need fewer, not more.

    Then there are excellent and very, very relevant blogs by the tenured. If you are not already reading More or Less Bunk, you should be ~ and others too.

    In the meantime, I'll edit the post to add the new ones and think about increasing the number displayed. Needless to say, I invite reader input.


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