Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Night at the Movies…#Adjunct version

…which is to say, free viewing and BYOP. Depending on what I find in the vault. I'm thinking double feature. One socially/movement relevant but the other not in the least, just for fun. It's already been a serious day, what with a new #StandwithMaryFaith article on Democracy Chronicles about the fundraiser (donations, no #selfies please).

Whether or not you are going, COCAL XI is coming. With that in mind, movie night kicks off screening Barbara Wolf's 2001 A Simple Matter of Justice video series.

Introduction: Political & Economic History

“a simple matter of justice: Contingent Faculty Organize” focuses on actions being taken to change the working conditions of the faculty members described in “Degrees Of Shame.” For this set of tapes, Barbara Wolf and researcher, Andrea Tuttle Kornbluh, chose to highlight six distinct situations that could serve as models for groups facing similar barriers. What was initially conceived as a 30 minute sampling of circumstances and tactics has grown into a collection of videos that might be more accurately described as a video-book complete with Introduction, Chapters, and Afterword (taped at COCAL IV in San Jose, CA).  
The Introduction is the originally envisioned 30 minute sampler that identifies the causes of this labor problem and introduces the situations to be covered in the rest of the video-book. 
Barbara Wolf envisions the Introduction as that part of the video that every viewer would see. After looking at it a group, new to organizing around part-time issues, could decide which situation most closely resembles their own and then choose to watch that Chapter. It should be noted that while a particular chapter may not directly address a specific situation, there are parts of each chapter that are applicable to all situations.


PS Yes, I know the usual configuration is Saturday Night at the Movies and Sunday Matinee but it's not Sunday morning anymore.

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