Thursday, June 12, 2014

On #tenure…from the archives, 2010

Serendipity rules! I'd been looking for this back post from the archives, as much for the carrot image as the content and blogger David F Ruccio's comments on an NY Times Debate about tenure (link below). Today, when I was no longer looking for the post, it popped up among the " You might also like" selections at the end of a post. 
Then I noticed that I hadn't carried Ruccio (also blogging at Real World Economics Review) over to the new blogroll, rebuilt after the contents unraveled during migration to this domain. It's there now.  
The About page describes occasional link & commentary (on economics, culture and society) as consisting of  "occasional links and bits of commentary—some humorous, others more serious, often a combination." Let me add that it is fabulously illustrated with charts, graphs (hey, he is an economist), cartoons, public art, lithographs. prints and paintings. Now follows the post as it appeared July 20, 2010:

"Liquidating Tenure" (occasional links & commentary), an academic blog newly added to my "adjunct blog" list, comments on tenure positions from the recently published NYT-staged debate. Isn't the picture illustrating Bruccio's post, both real and totally irresistible?

Tenure...those with it want to keep it. Those without it, want it or at least something resembling security (a tricky concept and contested in these times) and pay equity. Consensus, of the workable kind, in the academy, among professional and labor groups, is in short supply, with stance running to the tier-centric. Everyone has a plan just not the same one.

Love, crave it or resent it, for those in the academy, tenure is an intrinsic part of the culture. From the outside, whether viewed nostalgically as quaint (like high button shoes) or regarded as anathema to American values and Western world civilization as some think they know it, tenure can seem more anachronism than necessity.

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