Monday, June 16, 2014

More #highereedmedia musings + #AcademeToday @Chronicle…minus paywalled links, #admin jobs etc
…@InsideHigherEd's newsletters come w/links for easy FB sharing…unless it slips through the memory hole, I post weekly and monthly newsletter not daily. Academe Today does not so it's blog, share from another FBer or nothing. That's not fair to IHE (bitching about the paywall not withstanding).

I've been accused of bad 'tude about about mainstream higher ed media. That depends on perspective. I want more speaking for ourselves, in our own voices and on our own platforms — but no throwing out any babies with media bathwater. Nor do I see any point in multiple daily posts of articles already posted on multiple groups and widely RT's. Plus, both show up regularly on Precarious Dispatches aggregation posts, CHE perhaps more frequently (suggesting a lingering print bias even on Google News).

So here's Monday's AcademeToday, adjunct proofed, as it were
. Sure wish IHE did weekly and monthly reviews though..

Monday, June 16, 2014

Today's News Not Behind a Paywall


Starbucks Will Send Thousands of Employees to Arizona State for Degrees

By Goldie Blumenstyk
The scholarship program will benefit the company and ASU Online, and could pay broader benefits. "Imagine if 200 corporations were doing this," says Arizona State's chief, Michael Crow.
The Profession

Academic Freedom

AAUP Rebukes Colleges for Chinese Institutes, Censures Northeastern Illinois U

By Peter Schmidt
The association worries that colleges that host Confucius Institutes are ceding too much control over academic matters to the Chinese government.



The Overworked Bachelor's Degree Needs a Makeover

By Jeffrey Selingo
We should offer more flexibility in when, where, and how students acquire it.

Mexico Gets Serious About R&D

The country is increasing its spending on science and graduate programs, changes that universities in the United States should keep an eye on, says Marion Lloyd.
Lingua Franca

The (Melo)drama of English Grammar

From the Rev. Peter Bullions's promiscuous exercises in parsing, Bill Germano writes a play.
The Conversation

Why Joyce's Syphilis Burns People Up

The news media celebrate one salacious aspect of a new book, says Jonathan Goldman. The scholarly response is telling.


Moving Up

Inside a Presidential Search

By Dennis M. Barden
This is how a Jesuit university brought in its first lay president.
Casting Out Nines

3 Issues With the Case for Banning Laptops

The recent New Yorker article "The Case for Banning Laptops in the Classroom" tries to argue that technology is dividing students' attention and negatively affecting student learning. But there are some flaws in that case.  

Vitae: News, Jobs, and Tools for Your Career

Disclosure Blues: Should You Tell Colleagues About Your Mental Illness?

By Katie Pryal
There are real benefits to living out in the open. But for contingent professors who lose sleep over job security, disability is an incredibly hard thing to discuss.

'Dear Forums ...': Is One Book Enough for Tenure?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best Chronicle conversations: The class I just taught was a nightmare. How should I prep differently for Round 2?

Job Opportunities

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