Saturday, June 28, 2014

Media & #Adjunct Activism: What you missed at the MIT-Knight #CivicMedia Conference

So why should contingent faculty give a rat's ass ? For starters, thanks to the internet and social media, we're doing better but still overdue on taking charge of our own voices and media. Citizen journalism is the way to do it. Blogs, web pages, online magazines, Twitter and other social media platforms count as media too. So do online journal and newsletters (even ones published in pdf format. annual MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference
wrapped up here in Cambridge yesterday. This year’s theme was “The Open
Internet and Everything After
,” and over the course of two days,
speakers highlighted various efforts to take advantage of the open web
as well as steps they’re taking to ensure the Internet remains open and
If you were unable to watch the conference live or follow along with the Twitter hashtag #civicmedia, you can rewatch the full conference.
But with nearly two full days of talks, panel discussions, and
presentations it can be quite overwhelming to watch it all. Here are
some of the highlights.
 Here’s what you missed at the MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference ~ Nieman Journalism Lab. Follow the MIT Center for Civic Media on Twitter at @civcMIT and UT's Knight Center at @utknightcenter. International Journalists Network at @ijnet is another. Think BIG. PS Knight Center offers free online courses in new media journalism and using social media in journalism

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