Friday, June 27, 2014

discovered on tubz…@SoapBoxBooks…purpose reminds me of #PFRNetwork…except that the Precarious Faculty Network is 100% digital—no meat space meeting space either, but I try for most of the rest and could re-open the Chatroll "e-meet up"

SoapBox Books & Zines is a non-hierarchical, volunteer-run, not-for-profit community space that distributes alternative media, provides the community with access to information, and promotes independent and critical thinking. We offer a safe space for community-building projects, events, meetings, research, skill-sharing and education. By empowering ourselves and promoting non-hierarchical organizations, we can begin to build a world that is free from exploitation and oppression toward a more just, egalitarian and sustainable future.   About | SoapBox

PS: I had in mind to do a drive (or surf) by catch-up plus brief commentary on recent happenings in the online adjunctiverse when I saw this site and it spoke to me. I still have the drive by post in mind if I don't fall asleep first. It's been a whirl: Ana of Adjunct Justice and I got ejected from another closed adjunct "activism" group on Facebook.  We deserve badges for that one (and maybe others) and are thinking about designs. That would also make a good #clmooc "make" project. Then there is the #MLAtakeover and why I'm not participating in it. It's a big deal in the adjunctiverse but apparently not outside of it online or in the meat world news. Also I'm still trying to get more information about the COCAL conference to post. My day to be a general PITA...every day is that...


  1. One of the things that irks me -- as I am sure it bothers a lot of folks -- is this lack of transparency in adjunct faculty groups: what they're doing, with what funds, who is involved, or how they will go about completing their actions.

    A concept that adjunct faculty complains about most is that lack of transparency, and how -- as faculty -- we are not involved in decision making of institutions or their lack of security. Yet many such groups mirror the same exact things they are opposing, and expect complete agreement from those within.

    When that does not happen -- when we question, try to discover the background, fight for the transparency we are so lacking as adjunct faculty -- we are shunned instead of understood.

    So with that, either we become the adjuncts' adjunct, or we are asked to leave that fold, or evicted.
    Vanessa and I have chosen the road of transparency, of laying out the facts for all to see. If adjunct groups do not care to see the contradiction in what they are doing, then it is their loss.

    We will be no part of that.

    In sol(idarity),

    Ana M. Fores Tamayo
    Adjunct Justice
    Facebook Page:

    1. PS If you are going to include your links, make them active, otherwise the odd of anyone following them from here is slim to none. You can embed them too. WP automatically makes links active. Blogger does not

  2. In other words, we are too willing to treat other adjuncts and groups as adjuncts. That reminds me of Rich Moser's comment, "We learn that it is acceptable to exploit someone if you can get away with it."

    Developing an authentically networked, non-hierarchical culture of cooperation and transparency will be the real challenge. It can't be imposed from the top down. This calls for a grassroots change in the culture of adjunct activism


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