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…Friday was more of a news catch up day than one for thoughtful blogging, never mind those three posts sitting in drafts and others in the back my by now tired brain case. Maybe I get to be thoughtful in retrospect ~ hard to be curating, editing and web formatting on the fly. Not finishing last night gives me the opportunity

Besides the thinking, there is also the reminding and the weaving. Not all visitors check out the blog tchotchkes. Although a number of the links on the blogroll and all the feeds in the viewer gadgets syndicate to Precarious Faculty's Facebook iteration, none go to +Vanessa Vaile (G+) unless posted manually. Meh. My other Blogger posts go to G+ too. I want a +Laura Gibbs-type space there — 100% public, tag sorted, eclectic — not just about adjuncts. My plan here is for regular posts about media tchtchke, Twitter/ Facebook items, other blogs and recent Tumblr posts to cover that media gap. There are other platforms too, but I'm taking this project a few steps at a time. Today—issues and two (Tumblrs) for the road. Tomorrow? New subscriptions and syndicates feeds (on the list for this until it got too long), those pesky drafts, whatever interesting this way comes…and surely more issues.

Adjunct Issues + Two for the Road:  

  • #Vegara v California decision leads even if higher ed media is ignoring it (maybe not much long now the adj-l list moles have taken notice, one speaking up to explain why not. Would that be "journosplaining"? Considering what I read in Nieman and the Columbia Review of Journalism and other media-about-media, that does carry the punch or creds that it used to. Both @AddieJunked and I are both tagging and bagging links, but for now, hashtag follow #Vergara on Twitter (but set search to exclude actress Sofia Vergara) Google News is less exhaustive, more mainstream media oriented but still a good Vergara source. Always share your best finds. Online networks are as their best as gift economy, not just broadcasting and counting click-coups
  • #WeAreNNMC: now has a blog on the fabulous Northern New Mexico College Study Group page. Annette Rodriguez (@alacranita)'s Facebook page is another go-to place for latest updates. Both Tim Crone and Student Senate representative Samuel LeDoux (@PhatSam), among others, are also active, working together effectively. 40 year NNMC veteran since it opened as a UNM branch campus, Tim was the former president of the AFT local until joining the ranks of the retaliation fired and blacklisted. The NNMC resistance is an exemplary model of authentic solidarity and groups working together across ideological and status/tier  divides. We could learn a lot from them
  • Mary-Faith Cerasoli's fundraising campaign #needshashtag, catchy, easy to remember. #StandwithMaryFaith? The organizers worry about the foundering. I think it needs more patience, a push, better support from (not going there...yet) and some barn burning, stir 'em posts from Mary-Faith, Frank and Stefan. I'm dropping hints to the petition maven too.

Recently posted elsewhere on the network

Precarity Dispatches (adjunct/contingent and precarious labor news and announcements Tumblr): #Adjunct Faculty in the News is shorter without the adjunct union news, better for having a post of its own, I suspect.
Note: news links about contingent faculty unions and organizing post separately in their own special issues, such as here and here, usually twice a month. PD’s next special issue will be Academic Freedom (← link to last issue). Sean Kennedy’s CUNY Adjunct Project v PSC-CUNY updates are also posted at Uniting for Equity in Diversity (formerly #mobilize4equity). The COCAL Updates schedule varies, depending on when Joe Berry's email version goes out. All of the above syndicate to Precarious Faculty on Facebook.  Each has a feed viewer on the Precarious Faculty blog, which is also the hub for this network.
COCAL Updateslatest web archived issue, June 12
Art Hazelwood produced this poster to help promote unionization among the adjunct (visiting) faculty at the San Francisco Art InstituteThere are a number of good links in this issue. I was particularly take with this fascinating Nowtopian post by Chris CarlssonSan Francisco artist, historian and writer/publisher and San Francisco Art Institute contingent faculty. The post covers a lot of territory from the SEIU 1021 campaign organizing SFAI adjuncts to his experience and observations organizing and writing about labor ~ regional and national ~ and the sea change in labor from mid 70s through 80s to reviewing a book about Cesar Chavez and the UFW, and finally back to closing thoughts about SEIU action. Understandably, given Carlsson's criticisms, Joe Berry appears not to "agree with all his points" but allows that "anyone organizing today in this setting or should read it."  

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