Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wed May13: Day 6 of #adjunct Mary-Faith Cerasoli's #hungerstrike

…Friday May 9, homeless adjunct Mary-Faith Cerasoli began a hunger strike. Tomorrow will be Day 6.

Her objective is to complete what she started in March 28 in Albany at the New York State Department of Education: get the attention of and a meeting with Governor Cuomo about her situation and that adjunct faculty in New York State; bring a attention to the condition of adjunct faculty across the country.

Mary-Faith is familiar to adjunct faculty across the country, first for the Chronicle Vitae piece about her living in her car and then for her Albany #StandingWoman protest that launched a fleet of selfies. Now she is upping the ante, her action time to start with the last of medication she can't afford for a serious, thyroid condition. Individual adjuncts and groups are working together to support her.

Soon there will be press releases, articles, media coverage and more. ICYMI catch up with here story, fill in gaps or re-read it.

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