Friday, May 30, 2014

on the future of education in general, universities in particular

…time enough for the present tomorrow…for now, a range of views on the future of education. Like it or not, the present will still be here when we wake up: Union County College in NJ stalling for over a year on negotiations with adjuncts; Northern NM College, still behaving badly (worse actually); adjuncts organizing but not everywhere; contracts approved, for better or for worse; the AFT Contingent Faculty Caucus, a welcome reality; in California, AB 2705 moves to the Senate and contingent faculty closer to being renamed, losing the problematic part-time designation. Maybe the DoL will take the and follow suit.
  • Introduction, 1
  • New learning models: From ‘the sage on the stage’ to ‘the guide on the side’. Hardin Tibbs on the end of the industrial university and the rise of new models of learning. 2-4
  • The changing shape of higher education: Overhauling higher education by Sara Robinson; Re-shaping the university by Bryan Alexander. 5-11
  • The end of the badge: David Birch on the degree in the age of the social hack. And Katie King on Student Needs 2025 12-14 
  • The university in time and space: Andrew Curry looks at the the time horizons of the university, and Cindy Frewen the future of the campus. 15-20
  • Using theories of change to learn about learning: Wendy Schultz and Richard Lum on a unique experiment—embedding theories of change at the heart of scenarios about the future of learning. 21-25
  • Parenting in the computer age: Anne Boysen reviews a book about teaching children on how to live with computers. 26-28 

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