Sunday, May 18, 2014

NM #HorrorStories from @NorthernNNMC & more from the #adjunct news cycle

Ceramic by Latka Studio: NNMC, Española 13' diameter. 6” thick
…the #NNMC story in drafts that I should have stayed awake to send out two days ago is, by now, somewhat superseded by a more recent article in yesterday's Albuquerque Journal. Instead, see below for a list of NM news links to stories about the NNMC mess.

How recyclable the earlier draft commenting on  a Santa Fe Mexican article remains to be seen. Neither paper generally spends much non-booster time on higher education, so coverage now is both a plus and a sure sign just how bad things are. If this were a higher profile part of the country, higher ed media would be all over the story like white on rice. Presumably the state AFT Chapter would be paying more attention to their local than NM AFT, which does not even have an NM higher education page. Let's hope everybody — in-state and out — wakes up and starts paying attention. I'm making a project out of helping that happen.

Elsewhere, a mercifully brief, partial recap of the "adjunct news cycle" followed by NNMC links

Mary-Faith Cerasoli made communication with Governor's office and is no longer on her hunger strike. The petition has been closed. No meeting has been scheduled yet and no official statement issued. Appropriately, Mary-Faith is working on a statement and wants people to continue writing letters. 

CUNY Adjunct Project's  Sean Kennedy and other CUNY Adjuncts are making a public stand against PSC-CUNY neglect of adjunct issues. Sean's open letter to PSC-CUNY president Barbara Bowen, posted online to the adj-l list and publicly is picking up signatures and cranky responses from tame PSC-CUNY adjunct members. Tame is not an adjective one would ever apply to Sean.  Day 6 and counting, Barbara Bowen has yet to respond. If you haven't been following (or joined), Sean has a new, independent site for this campaign. There you will also find the daily update tracking the number of days it takes the union president to respond to the open letter.

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