Thursday, May 15, 2014

#KeithHoeller's #call4letters supporting Mary-Faith Cerasoli & @InsideHigherEd on her protest…

InsideHigherEd published a piece on Mary-Faith Cerasoli's hunger strike:

I am hoping we can get a press release up later today. In the meantime, Mary Faith needs our help. She wants New York Governor Cuomo to meet with her to discuss the plight of adjuncts in New York state.

You can support her hunger strike by writing to Gov. Cuomo's Correspondence aid, Kelly Brady at and/or Ian Rosenblum is Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education. Ask Governor Cuomo to meet with her ASAP. Given that she started her hunger strike last Friday, it would help to move fast.

Cordially, Keith Hoeller, Seattle, WA. Editor, Equality for Contingent Faculty

Ed note: thinking twitterblitz, sharing this on Twitter? NFM Press Release recommends #hungryhomelessprof. Do mention @NYGovCuomo so he gets a copy. Throw in a media handle too ~ your choice: @NYTimes, @PBSNewsHour, @SarahKendzior, @TheAtlantic, @Slate, @mtaibbi or another. If you tag @VCVaile, @PrecariousFac or @AnaMFores, we'll RT


  1. It seems that Keith Hoeller's persistence & perseverance is paying off, at long last. Without his initial call -- and without his constant harping to those in NY -- Mary Faith would still be on her hunger strike. I believe she has called it off now, so we owe a lot of thanks to Keith's initiative.

    In sol(idarity),

    Ana M. Fores Tamayo
    Adjunct Justice
    Facebook Page:

    1. The good news that Mary-Faith's fast is over. As for how or even whether her other resolutions have been resolved yet, that is hard to know. There are conflicting accounts. A formal statement from Mary Faith herself would be welcome. No one else can speak for her or, in my opinion, should claim to.


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