Wednesday, March 5, 2014

best continuing #adjunct story…#EqualPay4EqualWork

Suzanne Hudson and Don Eron

…Colorado HB14-1154 introduced by Rep Randy Fischer, also instrumental, with Don Eron and Suzanne Hudson, in their other NTT equity campaign -- the one Don and Suzanne got that AAUP award for.

Yes, the bill at the hearings was HB1154 ~ same bill, out on the next round. Remember that Sesame Street video about Bills? Lots of steps so pay attention because you could be doing this in your state someday. 

March 2, Don wrote, 
CPR interviews Caprice Lawless
If you'd like to run a brief news item, I've attached a statement of support issued by the NFM, which we received yesterday. The statement is spot on--and very much appreciated. 
So: a warm thanks to our brothers and sisters in the New Faculty Majority! 
It's been a busy few days. 
Suzanne, Caprice, and I, along with seven eloquent adjuncts from Front Range CC, met with the Senate Majority Leader. On Tuesday a few of us are meeting with the Speaker of the House, to try to persuade him to prioritize HB14-1154. 
Thanks, as always.  Best, Don

There's the letter, but since today is Wednesday, now I'm wondering how the meeting with the Speaker of the Colorado House went -- and if the "7 eloquent adjuncts" have names. I'll ask and let you know. 

PS Has your union or professional organization endorsed H14-1154 yet, written a letter? 

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