Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Union at Colleges? #Adjunct Instructors Make Push

@seattletimes education reporter @katherinelong writes about adjunct unionization in WA state & the Seattle area.

Act Together WashingtonSEIU Local 925's unionization campaign underway at two private Seattle colleges, Seattle University and Pacific Lutheran University faces continuing administrative resistance despite strong adjunct and student support. Statewide, recent legislative efforts by the Washington Part-Time Faculty Association to establish the right of adjuncts to organize in separate unions stalled this session but will continue. Adjunct JusticeA new faculty majority, Dispatches from the Precarity Zone, and other online sources have covered the WPFA campaign in depth and continue to follow it.
Keith Hoeller, an adjunct professor at Green River Community College, wants adjuncts to be able to form their own, separate union.Adjunct instructors are taking steps to unionize at two private Seattle-area colleges, and some community-college adjuncts want to form a separate union, apart from the one that currently represents them and other faculty.
Longtime adjunct activist Keith Hoeller (pictured above) of the Washington Part-Time Faculty Association invites us to post comments on the Times website:
Today The Seattle Times published, "New Union At Colleges?  Adjunct Instructors Make Push," an article on adjuncts and unions in Washington state.  It highlighted attempts by SEIU to organize adjuncts in the private colleges, and attempts by the Washington Part-Time Faculty Association to pass legislation requiring separate unions for part-time and full-time faculty. 
Ed note: posting link to COCAL's Contingent Academics mailing list, adj-lJack Longmate notes that a subscription may be necessary. Testing links sent by both Keith and Jack, I opened the article in different browsers without difficulty and hope you will be able do the same. 

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