Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#Mobilize4Equity! #MayDay2014 is coming!

…a call for support & participation…count us in too. Look for more #MayDayMobilization posts here & to sundry social media MayDay updates, image galleries, history, etc as a regular feature. 

Using an existing labor holiday as focal point for activities, community building, raising awareness and more will be especially effective — as well as appealing. Participation can be whatever and however much or little a group or individual chooses to make of it. The sharing will bring us together. MayDay's universality of the connects this Mobilization, mobilizers and the mobilized to a global network of all workers -- we're all in this together. Join us!

The National Mobilization for Equity is a new coalition focusing on organizing May Day activities to support the majority of college teachers who are currently "contingent." The website has recently been launched.

With barely two months before May Day, here is what is urgently needed:
  1. Promote the Mobilization, the website and May Day events through publications, social media, blogs, etc.
  2. Encourage organizations to support the Mobilization and plan events for May Day.
  3. Representatives of sponsoring organizations and other individuals are invited to join me in coordinating the Mobilization.
  4. We need to expand the website to list planned activities, create a logo and encourage the activities mentioned in 1. and 2. above.
  5. Other ideas are needed on how best to communicate with a million contingents at 7,000 colleges and universities.

SEIU Local 200 United is now supporting the Mobilization, in addition to UUP and Bill Lipkin's Union County College Chapter of United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey, all with large numbers of contingent faculty. I have also reached out to colleagues at PSC, NYSUT, AFT, NFM, CFA, AAUP, CPFA and CFHE

The Mobilization is not a one-time or annual event. Having a set date every fall and spring might be a good organizing strategy.

I'm looking for team-oriented people with some time and energy, who aren't afraid of failing and with experience in at least one of these areas: 
  • writing and blogging; 
  • networking with organizations that have contingent faculty members; 
  • organizing rallies and other public events; 
  • social media and web skills; 
  • general graphic design, 
  • organizational and planning skills
In solidarity, Peter in New Paltz

In closing, a brief "editorial note" ~ neither image in this post is"official," not yet. They could be since all readers are welcome to share images, content -- a tip of the hat is always welcome and appreciated. I always enjoy looking for interesting images. MayDay is no exception. Finding, customizing, and sharing is yet another way of participating ~ plus, images always add to post appeal.

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