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Surfing #HigherEdMedia: IHE's Daily & CHE's #AcademeToday

… on @WH #HigherEd Summit & other important articles, too many #paywall/ed for most #adjuncts…unfortunately Peter Schmidt's article on adjunct organizing is one of them. Since the article is about municipal endorsements, you can probably find articles in local Boston area, and L.A. press. The good news is that Rich Moser's (already featured on Facebook at A new faculty majority and other pages is not. 

IHE makes this easier by publishing their daily newsletter online as well as a weekly and a monthly—subscribe by email or rss. No pay walls -- and here's a White House Summit story (POTUS meets with 100 college presidents—what's wrong with this picture besides everything?) to sub for the one pay-walled at the Chronicle.  
No paywall is definite plus, although management may whinge if you complain about ads and even email someone about setting you straight. Giving that kind of soft censorship a Bronx cheer is yet another bonus of going indie. In case you missed being independent sub-text here, I encourage all contingent faculty and other precarious knowledge workers to take responsibility for your own professional/ higher ed/groves of academe news gathering. Google's News and Blogs searches and alerts are handy tools for this too. 

Being well informed is part of your basic Adjunct Action (Mind) Toolkit. Your personal customized version will always be better than someone else's hand me downs. Act Local; Think Global, so don't forget links to local sources

Academe Today

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Bully Pulpit on College Access

Summit Gathers College Leaders Who Pledged to Expand Access

By Kelly Field
The White House is keeping a tight lid on the agenda for Thursday's meeting and who is invited to attend.

What They'll Be Talking About: The Skinny on Some White House Proposals

By Andy Thomason
The administration sent out a list of 20 proposed commitments to form the basis for discussion at this week's summit. Here's a rundown.

Behind Summit, Access, Affordability, and Completion Pose Conflicting Goals

By Beckie Supiano
Getting into college has evolved as a policy goal, as priorities like finishing degrees and soaring costs have come to the fore.

Also in Today's News

Distance Education

Doubts About MOOCs Continue to Rise

By Steve Kolowich
An annual survey's findings reveal growing skepticism among academic leaders about the long-term prospects for massive open online courses.

Municipal Endorsements Emerge as New Tactic for Adjunct Organizers

By Peter Schmidt
The city councils of Cambridge, Mass., and Los Angeles have recently approved resolutions expressing support for adjuncts' efforts to form unions.
Wired Campus

Blackboard Buys Student-Centric Web Platform MyEdu

The learning-management-system company describes the purchase as "extremely strategic."

2 Senators Seek Overhaul of Program for Military Members Leaving for College

By Mark Keierleber
Inaccurate and inadequate information is said to plague a program intended to help members of the U.S. armed forces make the transition to higher education.


The Conversation


Michael Allen Gillespie of Duke University explores how to reclaim honesty in academe and end grade inflation.
The Chronicle Review

Pedagogy's Pains

By Timothy Stock
Learning is sometimes unpleasant. If teaching is too, maybe that's OK.

Overuse and Abuse of Adjuncts Threaten Academic Values

By Richard Moser

The two-tiered labor system sends the message that teaching and learning are unworthy activities.
Lingua Franca

Moths to the Flame of Meaning

Geoff Pullum finds that undergraduates facing exam questions about grammar often flutter helplessly into discussing meaning instead.

Vitae: News, Jobs, and Tools for Your Career

The Unpaid Internship Is Indefensible

By Peter D'Amato
By posting job "opportunities" that don't offer compensation, graduate schools aren't doing their own students any favors.

The MLA Conference and the Curious Case of the $6.25 Granola Bar

By Stacey Patton
Hungry at the exhibit hall last week? You could've bought something from the snack table or, for roughly the same amount of money, booked a dinner for six at Alinea. But let's be clear: This isn't the MLA's fault.

Search the Entire Vitae Jobs Database

Job Opportunities


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