Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sign #precarious ally @DomesticWorkers' petition

… for  #TemporaryProtectedStatus for Filipinos…we'll be posting more petitions from all over #TempLand because #wereallinthistogether

Imagine fearing that your two teenage sisters had drowned in Typhoon Haiyan. Imagine knowing that you can't to return to the island to help your aging mother recover their bodies and rebuild her home.
That's the reality for Robert, and hundreds of thousands of Filipino immigrants in the United States. But relief is possible — the US Department of Homeland Security can give Filipinos working in the United States Temporary Protective Status (TPS). TPS would allow Filipino immigrants like Robert to return to the Philippines temporarily to help their families recover from this tragedy.
A month after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, the impact is still being felt around the world. The death toll has exceeded 5,800 people. Millions of Filipinos have been displaced, families torn apart, children orphaned, and people made refugees within their own country. Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos in the US, many of them domestic workers, have family members in hard hit regions and right now, they can't return to help their loved ones recover.
On Monday, the Philippine government made an official request for the designation of Temporary Protected Status to the US Government. It's time for the US Department of Homeland Security to take swift action and grant Temporary Protective Status designation to the Philippines as it did in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti and in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch
Click here to sign the petition and help us get to 2,000 signatures by Friday! We'll hand deliver your signature to the White House and the Department of Homeland Security on Monday.
Thank you for taking action for Robert and hundreds of thousands of other families today.
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