Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#FutureOfWork in the #Adjunct/iverse—discontinuity…opportunity

…or both in the #JanusList 2014 column. How would you apply ideas from Stowe Boyd's recent GigaoM article, "Beneath the chatter about the Future Of Work lies a discontinuity," to the future of precarious academic labor? Try substituting higher education terms for the corporate ones even if doing so raises your hackles
Instead of conceptualizing the company [university] as broken into managed units [departments], with managers [chairs] leading each unit and subordinates doing their piecework, we need to conceive of the company [university] as a world — an ecology — built-up from each individual connecting to other individuals. And stringing these together into an interconnected whole involves associations like sets, and discernible elements like scenes, but increasingly, nothing like brigades and squads 
I’ve already called out some major trends in a piece last week (see The future of work: 4 trends for 2014) which forms part of a longer report, Tech trends for 2014.
The result could look like interconnected, cooperative networks with autonomy replacing subordination. Read the rest at Beneath the chatter about the Future Of Work lies a discontinuity — Gigaom Research

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