Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 ending/2014 beginnings…

Share your picks for top 2013 #adjunct /contingent faculty news items, articles, victories, trends, best new blogs, media features or services. Some are obvious; others less so. Let's look at as many contenders as possible. What are your contenders for the Big Ideas that could change the adjunctiverse in 2014? Who knows? We might just retrieve, bring to light and share that important story or big idea otherwise missed. Throw in a handful of predictions and sprinkle with wishes for 2014.

PS... don't overlook early 2013 or smaller, less publicized but still significant events and accomplishments either...

I ask because it's that Janus time of the year again: beginnings and transitions, a time to look back and review the high points of the year ending; make predictions about the one coming on. Although not usually on the media menu, 'emergent' is an appropriate category too for projects and actions with a foot in each year. The best, most promising 2013 items are also emergent -- the worst and most threatening too.

No precarious Janus list will match mainstream or even higher ed media's. Generally, we're thrilled when higher ed media includes one or more adjunct/contingent faculty items on their top 10. This year we managed more than one on the Chronicle's 2013 Top HE stories list. Needless to say our own list is 100% -- with a few cross over items that also made broader lists.

So then, how do we share them? Here (wherever you read this), there (on your own pages and networks), everywhere and every which way including loose. To clarify, "here" includes blog ("precarious faculty -- new majority"), Facebook ("A new faculty majority" ) timeline, @precariousfac, @VCVaile and even on, my G+ public page (yes, the blog is syndicated there too). If other than any of the "heres," do send me notice so I can compile a list to publish and share -- with or without naming you as a contributor. Your choice -- but let me know: otherwise, default will be anon.

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