Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fordham #Adjunct @eValerick aka +Alan Trevithick explains

…Faculty Exploitation, #StudentDebt, Origin of Universe…lagniappe…

In addition to the usual adjunct issues, conference/ news/ personalities coverage, this post is also a combination BYOP (Bring Your Own POPCORN), "meet your New Faculty Majority board member," testing improved YouTube sharing to Blogger, and participating in Alan's experiment .

Interesting and worth following, like the legendary floating crap game,  the experiment is worth looking for even if you're never quite sure where to find it. That last may not be a social media plus but adds a certain something to the adventure. We'll be entertained and learn a lot. I'm skeptical about explaining all the other and still having time for the origins of the universe but remain open minded

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  1. Very well said Alan. I have told you many times that you belong on TV. You make your points very clear and hopefully your students took your message away with them. The more people we get to know and understand our situation the faster our movement toward equity will grow.Keep up the fight!


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