Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bienvenidos, Southwest #Adjunct #Roadrunners

…to our Virtual #CEW2013 Meetup. Beep Beep!  As you know, we are embarking on an experiment of sorts to begin with. Nobody has put on this kind of Campus Equity Week event. Ever! 

Are you getting curious? Take a look at the practice area ChatRoll module we set up on the Virtual Meetups  page. The  meeting will be just like it except for the name of the chat area.

#CEW2013 pushed us into it, but now we’re psyched, and I am learning a lot, since I am the tech novice, the intern around these parts! But how nice to be the apprentice to a real master, someone who teaches me the ropes while being my colleague and friend, and not telling me, as many schools do, that we are so valuable, that they cannot do anything without us, yet where is our recompense? Unlike Higher Ed, during this jammin’ session, we are all one. 

So, we cordially invite all Southwesterners, but also everyone and anyone who wants to participate: please join us. Let the wild rumpus begin! Does this sound familiar, like one of my favorite childhood tales Where the Wild Things Are? Have we been sent to bed without our supper? Are those wild things roaring their terrible roars and gnashing their terrible teeth and rolling their terrible eyes and showing their terrible claws?

Well, we’ll just have to show Higher Ed, won’t we? I know there are many Tenacious Texans who might just want to tear up the schools; Innumerable Necessary Magnificent New Mexicans masquerading as managers, so they can get the real scoop; Admirable Amazing Arizonians who want to chat it up to find out the facts; Oklahomans who often —more than occasionally— get shafted, so they are dying to talk. Won’t you all sail over and join us? If you don’t have a willing ear nearby, this is your chance! 

Let’s talk about those True Tall Texas Adjunct Tales; though they stand true, how is it from the other side, the administration side? I have heard rumblings, or are they terrible roars? How about the astounding Arkansas adjunct anecdotes: what tales do you have for us? Or do you need us to talk over various questions, like the Affordable Care Act and its sabotage by Higher Ed, or their manufactured Unemployment problems? Would that help dispel those gnashing teeth? And can someone mention a few nefarious, mincing missives from and about our very own New Mexico Adjuncts? Or do presidents there still roll their terrible eyes so that you are left without a contract, without dignity? 

Tell us all about it. We are here to listen, to talk. Might the objective Okie Cats want to join & jam with us as well? I am sure you’ll have some tales to tell! How about if we travel further north, to Konservative Kansas? Will the Costly Kansas Coaches there show their terrible claws that clash against our very hearts, and our wallets? 

Don’t worry: Max found his supper waiting for him when he got home, and it was still hot. Just like Max found his safe home, this will be a safe Meetup —Beep Beep! You can be as anonymous as you’d like, or as friendly as you’d like— no pressure. We just want to compare notes, especially between states, and what they do differently, one from the other. Because, let’s face it, we are different in the Southwest. 

So all states are welcome, but being from these nether regions, we are a little bit partial to the central south, the prairie states, the deep deep south: Bienvenidos, Southwest Roadrunners, welcome one and all: Beep Beep!

Please revel in the fun and laughter and tears, as we celebrate #CEW2013!
Interested, intrigued, or just curious? PLEASE get in touch! Quick, before the roadrunners blaze by, Beep Beep! 
Ana M. Fores Tamayo, Adjunct Justice http://facebook.com/AdjunctJustice
Petition: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/better-pay-for-adjuncts
October 28 - November 2 is Campus Equity Week. 
Learn more at http://www.campusequityweek.org/2013

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