Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some but not all #highered groups offer suggestions for #HEA revamp

…@InsideHigherEd article notes administrators, admin oriented organizations, accreditors, ACE, even for-profits had a say. By stark and, frankly, shameful contrast, students, families, in the classroom educators, even HE unions were either not heard from or their input went without notice.

Were we invited? Our input solicited? Did anyone on the above list (higher ed media included) notice our absence? It's too late now: the deadline for input was August 2. Even the IRS treated adjunct faculty with more respect.

Read the rest at Higher ed groups offer suggestions for revamping Higher Education Act | Inside Higher Ed and then read the letter from the House Committee on Education and the Workforce...the one addressed to the "Higher Education Stakeholder" (but apparently not all of us...)

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