Monday, July 15, 2013

The #GatesEffect…@Chronicle special

…on How the World's Largest Foundation Is Remaking Higher Education. Wherever you stand on venture philanthropy (or philanthropiracy) and Gates Foundation's influence in higher ed, on community colleges in particular, and shaping U.S. education policy in general, information ~ all perspectives and positions ~ is the indispensable mind tool for our HE defense kits. We apologize in advance for any pay walls you might encounter along the way. 

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Chronicle of Higher Education
Monday July 15, 2013 

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The Gates Effect: a Special Report

The Hidden Hand 1Tunnel Vision
By Marc Parry, Kelly Field, and Beckie Supiano
A look inside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's $472-million (so far) effort to remake higher education, and at why many in academe are not cheering.

How Gates Shapes State Higher-Education Policy 1How Gates Shapes State Higher-Education Policy
By Katherine Mangan
Working alongside the Lumina Foundation and through intermediaries like Complete College America, the foundation has seen unprecedented results.

Inside the Foundation 'Echo Chamber'
By Jennifer Ruark
Major grant makers have synchronized their goals for higher-education reform.     

Strategic Philanthropy Comes to Higher Education 1Strategic Philanthropy Comes to Higher Education
By Ben Gose
The Gates foundation is notable not only for its size but also for its approach: Define strategic goals, work closely with grantees, and expect measurable results.

Interactive: A Web of Influence
Explore the breadth and quantity of money granted by the Bill & Melinda Gates, Lumina, and Kresge foundations.

Sortable Table: See a Complete Listing of Grants     
'Next Generation' Grant Program Reveals a Corporate Approach
By Goldie Blumenstyk
The effort is an unusual philanthropic model: It awards money to for-profits as well as nonprofits, and Gates stays engaged even after the grants are given.

To Shape the National Conversation, Gates and Lumina Support Journalism
By Jennifer Ruark
Between 2006 and 2012, according to The Chronicle's analysis, Gates gave $4.7-million in media-related grants to support coverage that included higher education.

The Gates Foundation's Uncertain Legacy 1Commentary: The Gates Foundation's Uncertain Legacy
By John R. Thelin
How much have the traditional advantages of family and wealth really changed in the sweepstakes of attending and graduating from college?

The Price of Philanthropy 1Commentary: The Price of Philanthropy
By Robin Rogers
Reform efforts that shift the institution of public higher education, but not private higher education, deserve close scrutiny. 

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