Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Problem Social Media Cannot Solve

…thoughts for activists and organizers to consider, even if the excerpted and linked article is about marketing, even if paying someone else to build your page not an option (less likely to be an option for the adjunct activist)

Stop. Don’t send that tweet. Don’t post that video on YouTube. It’s time to face facts: It doesn’t make sense to do anything in social media if you don’t have a good Web site.
Your Web site is your welcome mat. It’s your most important selling tool. The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to drive traffic and potential customers to your Web site and then convert those leads into phone calls, meetings and sales (or in our case, memberships, support, signatures, action). And yet, if you are great at social media but have a lousy Web site [or none at all], your social media efforts will just allow you to annoy more people faster. 
If your Web site needs work, do not put it off. 
If you don't have one, get a place of your own online instead of renting from social media. Facebook pages are no substitute. That's what free Google sites, Wikis and blogging platforms are for. More about that and harnessing social media in future posts.
There will be more to come... a series of posts rather like tutorials or a silent, asynchronous webinar in installments to read rather than listen to. For the obligatory something to listen to and look at, I'll look for podcast and video links.

Now go read the rest of The Problem Social Media Cannot Solve (NYT)

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