Thursday, June 6, 2013

new pages… #adjunctstories & more

…We've opened two new Tumblr pages, New Faculty Majority News & Links and Adjunct Stories, for quick posts that aren't quite full fledged blog posts. News, as its name indicates, is just for news links, reasonably relevant stories - ACA, precariat, part time worker actions, organizing academic labor, higher ed news. The links will also be easier to find later. There is also a "submit" option to encourage visitors to contribute. They aren't the only new adjunct media nodes in the larger, ever expanding adjunctiverse

Adjunct Stories, with only three posts, already has the look of a hit. Stories… telling our stories…stories told by students and others about us…old stories and new ones. The subject collecting adjunct narratives comes up regularly among adjunct bloggers and social media posters, Facebook groups, NFM board members, adj-l lister@s, H-Adjunct and others adjunct/ contingent faculty groups.

Rather than an Adjunct Story Corps recording and transcribing stories anew, my plan is to collect and archive existing links to adjunct stories plus offer a self-submission option for links and new narratives. Others are already have similar page that we can link; still others will undertake similar projects to cast the net as wide as we can. Perhaps someone will work on Story Corps and more formal ethnography projects too.

There is room for all of us ~ it's a big internet out there that call for a broad effort. Just share your links please. Like News & Links, Adjunct Stories has a submit option (anonymously if preferred).

Nor are these the only additions to our NewFac blog/social media roster, syndicated on either or both blog (see left sidebar) and Facebook pages. These include relatively new pages, Joe Berry's COCAL Updates, Adjunct Justice (managed by Lee Kottner for Ana M Fores) and SEIU 500 CAL (Anne McLeer's affiliation), as well as longer running NFM board member blogs and CFHE's On the Issues.

My own adjunct pages, not affiliated with New Faculty Majority are on the sidebar but not syndicated to the NFM Facebook page. Confused? So am I and need a map to keep track of just my own blogs, pages, aggregation and sundry social media sites. Mercifully (for my own sanity), some are on other topics.

I've also been thinking about more and better ways to bridge and connect Facebook page, Google + Community and blog. Links posted directly to Facebook repost on Twitter streams but not here or on G+ A feed-fed widget would be the least work and self maintaining ~ if it works! Until then (suggestions invited!), the @NewFacMajority widget (right sidebar) covers Facebook content via Twitter.

Now if I could only rig up a Rube-Goldberg-in-cyberspace perpetual motion posting / reposting device…

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