Wednesday, May 1, 2013

while #adjuncts were sleeping

May Day March
A typical May 1 in NYC
…#MayDay started in the rest of the world. I leave the radio turned on and to NPR so awoke to news of Philippines (demonstrating for the right to organize), Bangladesh (working conditions), Turkey, Greece, Egypt. I had hoped to get this global notice out with coffee and well before the East Coast and Ohio actions got underway. With a few hours before scheduled late morning and midday start times,  I may make that last...if I type fast and don't get too distracted.

In DC and NY, SEIU and New Paltz  UUP are getting ready for their busy day. If the Steelworkers are on parade in Pittsburgh, their Adjunct Faculty chapter will be with them. OPTFA is already up and tweeting, telling every one to wear red and pin on / display their big red A's, set them as social media avatars and so on. Yesterday, I created A Gallery of A's for Adjuncts on the NFM Facebook page. Go pick one to print out or use as an avatar

Sources to start your personal #MayDay4adjuncts

  • May Day marked by global protests: Workers across the world hold demonstrations calling for better pay and conditions, with clashes reported in Turkey (al Jazeera) 
  • May Day protests and Greek strikes - Eurozone crisis LIVE • GuardianWitness: Share your images and videos, updated throughout the day 
  • Thousands Riot for May Day in Europe Happy May Day—time to take to the streets. Thousands protested throughout Europe on Wednesday, the day set aside to honor unions and organized labor.
  • links round up from Google News (if you must read USA Today, Yahoo News, major network TV "news" or Forbes' clueless mocking (Daily Beast)
Google May Day Doodle video clip on YouTube
Now back to twitter and rss feed watching, RT'g, email and general May Day following and sharing. SEIU 500 CAL action should be kicking off in Foggy Bottom right about now. 

I've done this with the MLA conventions, NFM Summit 2012, conferences, and the IRS hearing, but this will be the first multi-location follow. Wish me luck, patience and persistence in hanging onto sanity and coherence. 

We have a great post from Ana Maria Fores Tamayo for today's blog ~ it's so important that we remember the importance of individuals and not put all the day's focus on groups. I hope to add my own reflections, do more than just the usual funnel and shovel routine, but may not have time.

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  1. I don't know when you sleep? Are you sure you don't do that automatic writing Yeats used to talk about? I don't know when you find time in the day to do all this: thank you!

    Ana M. Fores Tamayo
    Adjunct Justice
    Facebook Page:


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