Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Morning #Adjunct/iverse

Goat   photo generic… & other #highered denizens of the internet, whoever & wherever you are! Trolls, stay under your bridges. Everyone else: have some news with your morning coffee. Do not feed the trolls. it only encourages them. 

leading stories this morning : offshore tax shelters revealed in leaked docs, CA hiker found, one still lost; jobless claims at four month high; new Carnival cruise ship incident; and a goat walks into a bar in Butte, Montana.

BUT this is today's ABSOLUTE top story in the Adjunct/iversego Jack! Olympic College nailed by Education Dept. Accuses Accreditor of Neglecting Adjunct's Complaint - Chronicle of Higher Education (behind pay wall so mug someone for zir password)
In the coming weeks, Georgetown's adjunct faculty members will vote to decide whether they should form a union. The election has been scheduled thanks to the efforts of the Service Employees International Union-Local 500, which, in conjunction with ...
(In academic lingo, the two are often lumped together as "contingent" faculty.) Add in graduate-student–taught classes, and barely a quarter of today's college teaching staff is made up of ...
LMC holds adjunct faculty recruitment dates, April 16-18
Higher Education:
Praised by Republicans because it includes the first pay raise for K-12 educators since 2008, the new budget proposal falls well short of making up higher education cuts, adding $15.6 million after last year's cut of $44.4 million. The proposal would ...

and other news...what! There's other news? Alas, yes. As you may have noticed, we are not center stage of teven national, let alone global news

the world IRL (yes, there is one out there, just as important as and probably more interesting than  _______. Fill in the preceding blank with relevant example of your choice before reading about : missiles in Korea, sentencing in Saudi Arabia, Uganda warlord hunt, Chechnya skyscraper in flames, civil war in Syria, princess embezzler in Spain ... and more world news "must reads" from TIME,  (UK, Japan, Colombia, Russia, Thailand, Africa). 

science/technology: plate tectonics reveals how the American West was made; lost species revealed by shark-tooth artifact; melting Greenland glaciers, Mars offline; the galaxy next door

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