Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Joe Fruscione with a #PBSadjuncts update

…posted this morning to #NewFac's FB timeline… let's follow this, track it's progress, coordinate an even broader response. You can still leave your 2¢ at the News Hour/Making Sen$e and "how long will you work?" pages. Let them know we're watching <*y*> ... Joe writes,

"Some potential good news from PBS NewsHour:
'We've heard from a number of contingents willing to be interviewed for our upcoming story. Thanks for reposting our query. We're working on a few other stories for our older workers series right now but we plan to turn our attention to this one after that. It may not be until the end of April or so, but I will be in touch with you (and the respondents to our online query) when we're able to focus on the story.'
I'll keep everyone in the loop about what I hear." 

Rob Baum, dba MI @rcbatp and sundry noms de guerre, notes, 
They are slowly emerging our story from within their series. It's a great strategy -- frustrating but very very intelligent. Besides, isn't May when Lee and others are planning the May Day events? By the end of May I hope to have gathered the minions for the ADJUNCT VERSUS first look reading.
(Ed Note: links and further details on the above activities to be posted as they come our way. Do you have or know of a May adjunct event / action to add? Let's coordinate...)

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