Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Morning Adjunct/iverse

…welcome to a new blog feature modeled (somewhat) on one I just initiated on my main community blog, a still undefined variant on speed blogging (mostly links). To avoid confusion, the hashtag should not be #GMA...suggestions welcomed. 

Purposes (tentative): quick catch up; news; brief announcements; some links; calls for information... and above all hitting cyberspace before noon (MT). So far, I've been cutting that last part close but hope to push compose and send time back to morning for ET readers too.  

The #fakeadvice game is rolling along with comments coming in here and on Con Job. Add yours and tweet/RT/share threads and comments.  

I'm looking for amusing foolery for April 1. "What you want to hear" would fit right into "How can an adjunct tell when an offer is really an April Fool's Day prank?"

Joe Berry's Cocal Updates, now has its own Tumblr page, but it's been a busy week for Joe and precarious academic labor. Now I am three Updates behind in posting but /expect hope to get to them today

Don't miss reads: 
More #AcademicLit (let's make this a regular too)
  • New: Middle C, not adjunct but an academic novel by William Gass, reviewed by Cynthia Ozick, 
  • Rediscovered (h/t @qui_qui): Diamond Age, Neal Stephenson. I'm re-reading through lens of current disruptions and seeing more than post-cyberpunk SF. Among other details, the novel's premise is predictive representation of Sugra Mitra's Hole in the Wall ~ the purloined version. 
  • Older entries: MOO, Jane Smiley; Confederacy of Dunces (Pulitzer winning novel by an adjunct)

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